quick fish recipes

Fish with Bananas

Real Mom Prep Time:   9 minutes

          Preheat oven to 350F/175C.
4   4

fish fillets (5 oz/150g each)

  Arrange in a single layer in a




  baking dish.




1/3 cup   75 mL

white wine

  Sprinkle over fish.





2 Tbsp

  30 mL

lime juice

  Sprinkle over fish.








  Sprinkle over fish.







2 Tbsp

  30 mL


  Melt in a saucepan over




  medium heat.





1 Tbsp

  15 mL


  Blend into the melted butter.





1 cup

  250 mL


  Stir into the melted butter.
          Cook, stirring, until thickens.








  Pour 1/2 the butter sauce over




  the fish.
2   2

bananas, sliced lengthwise

  Arrange over the fish.
          Cover with the remaining sauce.
1/4 cup   50 mL

grated Parmesan cheese

  Sprinkle over fish.
          Bake 25 minutes until fish
          flakes easily with a fork.