quick fish recipes

Fish with Lemon-Herb Sauce

Real Mom Prep Time:   16 minutes total!

1 Tbsp   15 mL


  Melt in a skillet.
1 lb   500 g

fish fillets (sole, snapper, etc.)

  Cook for about 3 minutes




  on each side (until opaque).




  Transfer to a serving dish.




1 Tbsp   15 mL

green onion

  Add to skillet. Cook for

1 tsp

  5 mL

grated lemon rind

  1 minute.





1/2 cup

  125 mL

plain yogurt

  Mix together. Stir into skillet.

2 tsp

  10 mL





2 tsp

  10 mL

dried parsley

  Add to skillet. Stir..

1 tsp

  5 mL

dried tarragon

















  Return fish to skillet briefly




  to reheat and coat with sauce.