quick vegetarian recipes

Bean and Tortilla Stacks

Real Mom Prep Time: 12 minutes








  Preheat oven to 500F/260C.





1 cup

  250 mL

medium salsa

  Combine in a bowl.

1/2 cup

  125 mL



1 can (5.5 oz)

  1 can (156 mL)

tomato paste






1 can (15 oz)

  1 can (540 mL)

black beans, drained

  Combine in a bowl.

1 can (12 oz)

  1 can (341 mL)

corn, drained


1/2 cup

  125 mL

fresh cilantro leaves






2 cups

  500 mL

Monteray Jack cheese








soft tortillas












  Place one tortilla on a greased
          baking sheet.
          Top with 1/3 salsa mixture,
          1/3 bean mixture, 1/4 cheese.
          Top with another tortilla;
          repeat as above.
          Repeat (another tortilla, etc.)
          End with the last tortilla.
          Top with remaining cheese.
Bake until filling is hot and
cheese is melted




  (about 10-12 minutes).