quick fish recipes

Cheesy Baked Fish

Real Mom Prep Time: 8 minutes





  Preheat oven to 450F/230C.





1/2 cup

  125 mL

grated Cheddar cheese

  Combine.  Set aside.

2/3 cup

  150 mL

bread crumbs

1/2 tsp   2 mL

dried basil


1/4 tsp

  1 mL














1 Tbsp   15 mL


  Use to grease a baking dish.








  Spread half the crumb mixture




  evenly in the baking dish.





1 lb

  500 g

firm fish fillets

  Place on top of crumbs in




  baking dish.

1 tsp

  5 mL

lemon juice

  Sprinkle over fish.




  Sprinkle the remaining crumb




  mixture over the fish.




          Bake until fish flakes easily
          with a fork (about 10 minutes
        . per inch of thickness/
          5 minutes per cm)