quick pasta recipes

Healthy Fettucini Alfredo with Vegetables

Real Mom Prep Time:   4 minutes longer than it takes to cook the pasta!

12 oz   340 g


  Cook until nearly tender.
4 cups   1 L

fresh broccoli flowerets

  Add to pasta pot.




  Cook for 3 minutes more.








  Drain - SAVE 1/3 cup/75 mL


  of the cooking liquid.





1 cup

  250 mL

plain yogurt

  Combine in a large bowl with the

3/4 cup

  175 mL

grated Parmesan cheese

  reserved cooking liquid.






  Add drained pasta to the bowl.





1 cup

  250 mL

cherry tomatoes, quartered

  Add to the bowl.




  Toss to mix well.