quick pasta recipes

Spaghettini with Ham and Eggs

Real Mom Prep Time:  4 minutes longer than it takes to cook the pasta!

3/4 lb   375 g









2 Tbsp

  30 mL


  Melt in a large skillet.




2 cups   500 mL

cooked ham, cut in strips

  Add to skillet.

1 cup

  250 mL

diced onion





  Cook over medium heat until




  onion is soft and translucent.




3   3


  Mix together in a bowl.

1/4 cup

  50 mL

grated Parmesan cheese

2 Tbsp   30 mL



2 tsp

  10 mL

dried parsley









  When spaghettini is done,




  drain it and add it to the skillet.




  Toss to coat well.




  Reduce heat to low.
          Add egg mixture.
          Toss for 2-3 minutes until eggs




  are custardlike in consistency.




  Serve immediately with salt,




  pepper, and more Parmesan.