quick bean recipes

Tangy Baked Beans with Apple

Real Mom Prep Time:   17 minutes

          Preheat oven to 350F/175C.
3 cans   3 cans

 pinto or romano beans

  Drain and rinse.


  (540 mL)


  Put in a large bowl.




2 Tbsp   30 mL

olive oil

  Heat in a skillet.



large onions, chopped

  Add to skillet. Saute for

1 Tbsp

  15 mL

chili powder

  10 minutes, or until onions are

2 tsp

  10 mL



1 tsp

  5 mL






6   6

cloves garlic, crushed

  Add to skillet. Saute for




  5 minutes more.




  Add the saute to the bowl




  of beans.





1/3 cup

  75 mL

cider vinegar

  Add to beans.

3 Tbsp

  45 mL



2 cups

  500 mL

mild cheese, grated

3   3

tart apples, cut into chunks


1 can

  1 can

 diced tomatoes, drained



  (796 mL)






          Mix well.
          Transfer to a large baking pan.
          Cover tightly.
          Bake for 1 hour.