quick meat recipes

Tasty Tacos

Real Mom Prep Time:   30 minutes

1 lb   500 g

ground beef 

  Cook and stir over medium-high
1 cup   250 mL

diced onions

  heat until meat is no longer pink.




  Drain off any liquid.





1 can

  1 can

chopped tomatoes, drained

  Add to skillet. Stir.
(14oz)   (398mL)







1 Tbsp

  15 mL

chili powder

  Add to skillet. Stir to mix.

1 Tbsp

  15 mL

apple cider vinegar

  Reduce heat to medium-low.

1 tsp

  5 mL

maple syrup

  Cover and simmer for 10 min.,
1 tsp   5 mL

ground cumin

  stirring occasionally.




  (If it's still too saucy, remove the




  lid and simmer for a few more








  Remove from heat.
1 cup   250 mL

cheddar cheese

  Shred and set aside.
8   8

lettuce leaves








taco shells

  Heat according to package




          Fill each shell with meat mixture,




  cheese and lettuce.




  Top with sour cream or yogurt




  and salsa.