quick pasta recipes

Pasta with Marinated Chickpeas and Corn

adapted from Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven

Real Mom Prep Time:   7 + 9 minutes


In the morning:

1can(12oz)   1can(341mL)

chickpeas, rinsed and drained

  Combine in a large bowl.



corn, rinsed and drained


1/4 cup

  50 mL

balsamic vinegar


3 Tbsp

  45 mL

olive oil

2   2

cloves garlic, crushed


1/2 tsp

  2 mL

dried thyme


1/2 tsp

  2 mL

dried oregano


1/2 lb

  250 g

mozzarella cheese, cut




into small cubes







  Stir well.




  Cover tightly.




  Let stand at room















At suppertime:


3/4 lb

  375 g

medium sized pasta shells

  Cook and drain.




  Add to bowl.
          Toss well.
1/4 cup   50 mL

grated Parmesan cheese

  Add to bowl.
          Toss well.