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healthy quick meals chef It’s ironic that I have a web business – especially one about cooking! For most of my adult life I was proudly (some would say stubbornly!) computer-phobic. My interest in healthy eating came later in life too.

When I became pregnant, eating healthy food was suddenly more important than ever. When I had a child, cooking healthy food was suddenly harder than ever! There was simply no time for leisurely chopping and sautéing and blending. When my second child was born, I lacked even the energy to decide what to cook, never mind the energy to cook it!

I made it through those first few months somehow. Once the sleep deprivation had eased a bit, I began talking to other moms and realized that this was a common theme: none of us liked deciding what to make for dinner!

I realized that this was a need I could fill – while making an income and staying home with my children at the same time!

The obvious vehicle for reaching many people was the Internet – in spite of the fact that I was a complete Internet novice and still a very hesitant computer user. Fortunately for me, I stumbled upon

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early in my research. This complete service allowed me to build this site - myself! - while still knowing nothing at all about HTML or any of that stuff. Just as importantly,

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takes care of search engine optimization, autoresponders, and other such mysterious things.

Finding and testing the recipes for quick meals has been fun. When my baby was small, I’d pack up my two kids and a stack of cookbooks and head for the beach. While Ronan napped and Isaac dug in the sand, I went through the books, looking for only those recipes that could be prepared in less than half an hour.

Back at home, I tested them. It was frustrating to find that many of the “quick” recipes took me much longer than promised. I rejected lots of recipes and modified many more.

After a year and a half of rooting through used book stores, garage sales and friends’ houses - reading cookbooks, magazines and tattered recipe cards - I gathered a sizable number (80 and counting) of delicious recipes for quick meals that I really can prepare in 17 minutes or less. (This doesn’t include cooking time IF I can leave the dish completely alone while it cooks.)

I hope this site makes your life a bit easier. I'd love to hear your feedback. Do you have a favourite quick recipe? Can you make the meals in the time I indicate? Are the instructions easy to follow? Please contact me using the form below with your comments, suggestions and ideas!

Happy cooking!


Ellen Gray

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