Fish recipes

Welcome to my collection of fish recipes!

I've always known that fish is a healthy choice. It's high in protein and relatively low in fat. It's a source of many important vitamins and minerals. It may even reduce your risk of heart disease.

However, for years I ate fish only in restaurants because I had no idea how to cook it myself. I had the idea that cooking any kind of seafood was mysterious, and that only "good cooks" could do it well.

Of course, all I needed was a few great fish recipes! Now that I have some, we eat fish regularly - and enjoy it a lot!

Fish is the answer for a cook in a hurry because it cooks so quickly. You can pan-fry fish in as little as ten minutes!

We most often eat white fish - which is, of course, fish with white meat - like sole, bass, halibut or cod. I don't have a favorite; to be honest, once they are dressed up, I can't tell one from another!

I usually buy fillets, rather than a whole fish. Fillets are easiest to prepare because there are usually no bones to worry about (but always be sure to check just in case!)

We also enjoy salmon (a "red fish".)

Don't overcook your fish! You may be surprised by how quickly it cooks.

How to know if your fish is cooked

Here are a few methods:

  • Look at the fish. Is it transparent or opaque? If it's transparent, it's not quite done.

  • Is the fish firm or mushy? Use a sharp knife to lift a bit of the fish. If it is firm and if it comes up in a flake, it's done. (If it flakes really easily, though, it's probably a bit overdone!)

  • Press the fish with a finger. If your finger leaves a dent, or if the fish is still a bit "squishy", it's not quite cooked.

Complicating all of this is the fact that the fish will continue to cook for about 5 minutes AFTER you've removed it from the heat! After you have cooked fish a few times, you'll get a feel for exactly when to take it from the heat.

Here are my favourite easy fish recipes.

White fish

  • Baked

    These are the easiest of all my fish recipes. Just do some quick prep work, put the pan in the oven, and wait.

  • Broiled

    Broiling fish is easy too. Just keep a close watch so that the fish doesn't overcook!

  • Pan Fried

    Pan frying takes a bit more work and attention, but it is worth it. These are some of our favorite fish recipes.


Fresh or frozen, salmon is delicious! Look for good-sized fillets.

  • Baked

    • Greek Salmon is and attractive and delicious dish. You won't believe how easy it is to make!

  • Barbecued

Canned Fish

When you need a quick supper and haven't planned ahead, reach for a can of tuna or salmon and use one of these quick recipes to get a meal on the table fast!

  • I can have Easy Salmon Pie in the oven in less than 10 minutes! It's ready to eat in just 20 minutes more.

  • Salmon Patties are delicious with Tzatziki You can even put them in burger buns and call them salmon burgers!

  • Tasty Tuna Loaf couldn't be easier: just toss the ingredients in a bowl, mix them, turn the mixture into a loaf pan, and bake!

  • Tuna Celery Crunch is delicious over rice or noodles. It's a very quick meal.

Perhaps you are in a seafood mood but don't feel like having fish. How about shrimp? Click here to learn how to cook shrimp and to find my favorite shrimp recipes.

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