Ways to Cook Potatoes

boiled potatoes

There are so many ways to cook potatoes! I'm happy about that, because potatoes are among my very favorite foods.

What makes potatoes so great?

  • They are nutritious.
    • Potatoes are a good source of fiber.
    • They are relatively low in calories. (Did you know that a plain baked potato has fewer calories than an apple?)
    • They are full of nutrients. (An average-sized potato contains as much potassium as a banana, and almost half of your daily requirement of Vitamin C!)

  • Since they store well, potatoes are available year-round.

  • They are economical.

  • They are versatile. You could eat potatoes every night of the week, and not prepare them the same way twice.

Buying Potatoes

Look for firm, well-shaped potatoes without sprouts, cracks or discolored spots. Avoid potatoes that are tinged with green.

Storing potatoes

Keep potatoes in a cool, dark, dry place - like a garage, basement or unheated room. Store them in the plastic bags with holes that you get from the supermarket.

If potatoes are exposed to too much light, they will turn green. The green is a toxin that can cause illness in humans. If this happens to your potatoes, just cut off the green part completely. The rest of the potato is perfectly safe to eat.

To peel or not to peel?

That is the question - and the answer is up to you. If you do decide to peel your potatoes, be sure to immediately cover them with cold water or they will begin to discolor.

Here are my favorite ways to cook potatoes.

  • Baked

    Once you know how to bake a perfect potato, you are ready to make a quick meal or side dish at the drop of a hat.

    • Classic Baked Potatoes are the perfect accompaniment to a barbecued steak. Or add a few toppings, and they can be a meal on their own!

    • Twice Baked Potatoes take a bit more work, but they are absolutely delicious! This is one of my favorite meals.

  • Boiled

    Boiled potatoes are a staple in my kitchen. They are easy and good. Here is how to boil potatoes.

  • Casseroles

    There are lots of delicious Potato Casserole recipes. You'll find some of them on my Potato Recipes page.

  • French Fries

    Did you know that French fries can be nutritious? It's easy to make your own healthy homemade fries.

  • Mashed

    Mashed potatoes are the ultimate in comfort food. We eat them a lot, because they are my favorite and I do most of the cooking!

    Here is how to make mashed potatoes.

  • Scalloped

    Sweet Potatoes are related to potatoes. They are so nutritious and delicious that they deserve a page of their own. Here it is: a page of sweet potato recipes.

    Whichever method you choose, potatoes are one of life's healthy and delicious pleasures. Enjoy!

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