How To Cook Shrimp:
Easy Healthy Shrimp Recipes

I used to wonder how to cook shrimp, and thought that it would be difficult and mysterious. That's why I didn't try for the longest time. I felt very silly when I finally found some easy shrimp recipes, and discovered how extremely easy it is to cook shrimp!

Cooking Fresh Shrimp

If you are lucky enough to have a source of fresh shrimp, you have a serious treat in store! Once a year we travel to Canada's west coast, and my husband goes out in our little boat and sets some shrimp pots. He usually catches just enough for one good meal for all of us. It is the best meal we eat all year - and it is so easy! Here is what we do:

  • Bring a pot of water to a boil.

  • Twist off and remove the shrimps' tails.

  • Put the shrimp (with shells still on) into the boiling water.

  • Return the water to a boil and cook briefly. Begin timing when the water returns to the boil: about 3-5 minutes for small shrimp or 5-8 minutes for large. When the shrimp floats to the top, take one out and cut it in half. If it is opaque (not transparent) all the way through, it's done. Don't overcook!!

  • Allow the shrimp to cool slightly, and use your fingers to remove the shells.

That's all there is to it! Put the shrimp into a bowl, provide a bowl of melted butter with garlic for dipping, and let everyone dig in. It's a delicious feast!

Cooking Frozen Shrimp

Of course, freshly caught shrimp are not easily obtained in most parts of the world. Fortunately, you can buy both cooked and uncooked frozen shrimp.

If the shrimp still have tails, just twist and pull to remove them.

If the shrimp have shells, use your fingers to remove them.

Both cooked and uncooked frozen shrimp must be completely defrosted before using. The best method is to put the frozen shrimp in a bowl in the refrigerator overnight.

If I haven't planned that far ahead, I thaw frozen shrimp by putting it in a metal strainer and running cool water over it until the shrimp are thawed.

  • Precooked Shrimp

    Add defrosted cooked shrimp to your recipe just before serving. For hot dishes, you'll just need to warm the shrimp briefly.

  • Uncooked Shrimp

    The quickest method of cooking shrimp is to sauté it - but not for long. When the shrimp is pink, it's ready to eat.

Now that you know how to cook shrimp, you are ready for some great shrimp recipes. Here are my favorites. These can all be made with either precooked or uncooked frozen shrimp.

Now you know how to cook shrimp!

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