Egg Recipes

With a few good egg recipes in hand, you are ready to make a quick meal any time of the day!

I am fortunate to have a source of local, cage-free organic eggs. Although they are more expensive than eggs from large factory farms, they are worth the extra cost.

Why choose organic eggs?

Organic local eggs are

  • healthier

    Chickens fed a healthy diet are - naturally - healthier chickens, and lay eggs that are more nutritious.

  • tastier

    Try an organic egg. You'll see what I mean. Even the color of the yolk is dramatically different from that of a factory egg.

  • better for the environment

    Small organic farms contribute to the health of their neighborhood. Factory farms do just the opposite.

  • better for the chickens

    I feel better, too, knowing that the hens who laid the eggs I eat are living a happy chicken life!

  • better for the community

    Buying local eggs supports the farmers in your area, contributing to a healthy and diverse local food system.

Standards for calling an egg "free range" or "free run" or "organic" vary widely from country to country, so you'll have to do your own research to find the best ones for you.

Are raw eggs safe to eat?

Some of my recipes call for the use of raw eggs. Click here for my thoughts on eating raw eggs.

One of the best things about eggs is their versatility. You can cook them in so many ways, and eat them anytime. Although I've classified these egg recipes as "breakfast" and so on, feel free to ignore that completely. You can have fried eggs for dinner if you want, or quiche for breakfast, or Egg Burritos for lunch!


When I am wondering what to make for a quick and filling breakfast, eggs usually come to mind. Eggs are fast to cook. Their protein gives me the energy I need to start the day. When they are cooked properly, they taste great! Here are my favorite ways to eat eggs in the morning.


Is there anything nicer than a weekend brunch with good friends? Egg dishes are the perfect thing to serve for brunch. They are filling and substantial enough to get you through until dinnertime, but still feel "breakfasty".

Some of these dishes can be assembled the night before. In the morning, all you have to do is pop the dish in the oven and set the table!


Wondering what to have for a quick lunch? Reach for these easy egg recipes!

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