Blender Recipes

Blender recipes? For the longest time, I didn't know there was such a thing.

I’ve owned a blender for years, but at first I thought it was just for making smoothies. For most of the year, mine sat at the back of a cupboard.


Then I discovered the many other things that can be made with the help of this handy appliance:

  • quick meals (breakfasts, lunches and suppers)
  • soups
  • dips
  • dressings
  • pies
  • cakes
…and more!

Here are some of my favorite healthy blender recipes. They are designed for use with stationary, counter top blenders – not immersion blenders or hand mixers.

I hope you like them too!


These blender desserts are so easy that you can whip up a tasty ending for your meal in a flash.

  • Banana Cottage Cheese Tofu Pie is so nutritious that you could serve it for breakfast - but it's so sweet and delicious that you'll probably want to save it for dessert!

  • Cream Cheese Yogurt Pie is a refreshing, no-bake pie that makes a perfect summer dessert.

  • Easy Pumpkin Mousse is a colorful fall treat. It is especially delicious topped with whipped cream!

    Blender Drink Recipes

    Blenders are perfect for whipping up tasty and nutritious liquid snacks!

    • My husband first bought a blender almost 20 years ago so that he could make Smoothies. They are still among our favorite summertime treats.

    Sauces and Spreads

    With a blender, you can make your own healthy condiments instead of buying processed sauces and spreads.

    • Avocado-Salmon Spread makes great sandwiches. It is also good on crackers.

    • Homemade Barbecue Sauce is healthier, tastier and more economical than any prepared bottled sauce I've tried.

    • With this Blender Mayonnaise recipe, you can easily make fresh mayo anytime you want it!

    What to look for when purchasing a blender

    There are a bewildering number of blenders on the market. I have just a standard, low tech kitchen blender and it works just fine with all of these blender recipes.

    Here are the features I like:

    • a glass container jar (rather than plastic)

      Glass is easy to clean. Plastic tends to get scratched and discolored after a lot of use.

    • a removable blade assembly

      This too makes cleanup easy. These models have a rubber o-ring that fits between the body of the container and the base. The o-rings wear out, but are inexpensive and easy to find.

    You've probably heard about the Magic Bullet Blender. It can't replace a regular blender, but it comes in handy for a variety of uses. Here are my thoughts about the Magic Bullet Blender.

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