Recipes for Christmas

Every December, I get out my favorite recipes for Christmas.

I try to keep Christmas as relaxed and stress-free as possible. I keep decorating to a minimum, and I focus on the important things about the season: spending time with family and friends, and being grateful for our many blessings. Having a collection of easy recipes makes it that much easier to focus on what matters.

Some of these recipes are old favorites that have been in my family forever. Some are new favorites that I've discovered recently. All of them use common ingredients and are easy to make. So put on the Christmas music, get out the decorations, and try these easy recipes for Christmas!

christmas treats

It's nice to have a plate of Christmas appetizers ready to serve. These tasty Stuffed Dates are quick and easy to make, and they look great on a fancy Christmas plate. (Looking for cheap Christmas gift ideas? A jar of these, wrapped in ribbon, makes a great homemade gift!)

A tray of baked goods is an essential part of my Christmas celebration Every December when I was a child and then a teenager, I used to spend a weekend with my cousins, baking great quantities of Christmas cookies and squares for the big day. Now we live far away from one another - but if we can manage it, we still travel to have our annual Christmas baking day together.

Handmade Christmas gifts are always appreciated - and edible handmade Christmas gifts are the best! Just about anyone would appreciate a festive tin filled with a collection of Christmas cookies. (I would!)

Here's a healthy Christmas cookie that looks great on a holiday tray: Cranberry-Chocolate Christmas Cookies.

Pineapple Carrot Squares are another healthy choice.

A tray of Christmas cookies would not be complete without shortbread! Oatmeal Shortbread is substantial and delicious.

Hello Dollies are my very favorite Christmas squares!

Chocolate Cherry Clusters are decadent treats.

Looking for a no-bake Christmas cookie? Try Cranberry Snowballs. They look pretty and taste great!

A cup of cold egg nog is the perfect accompaniment to a tasty Christmas cookie!

For a delicious vegetable dish that everyone will love, try Candied Sweet Potatoes.

This recipe for Butternut Squash makes a delicious side dish.

Another must-have is Mashed Potatoes.

The perfect accompaniment to roast turkey is Cranberry Sauce. I was surprised to discover how easy it is to make your own! It tastes much better than the canned variety, but takes not much more effort than opening a can!

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