Easy Halloween Recipes

If you have a collection of healthy and easy Halloween recipes, you and your family can enjoy a fun celebration that includes nutritious foods. Halloween doesn't have to be all about gorging on sugary treats!

easy halloween recipes

I try to make sure that we all eat a filling and healthy meal before we go trick-or-treating.

Here are some suggestions for fun Halloween dishes.

I prefer to stay away from the gory aspects of Halloween, so you won't find any recipes here that will make you cringe.

You will find fun and unusual dishes that you will be happy to serve to your family - any time of year!

Halloween Appetizer Recipes

  • For a healthy snack, serve a plate of raw vegetable with a bowl of Green Slime Dip. It sounds spooky, looks pretty, and tastes great!

  • This Pumpkin Cheese Ball makes a great centerpiece. It's simple enough for the kids to make. Served with crackers or raw veggies, it's the perfect appetizer for a Halloween party.

Halloween Breakfast Recipes

  • Start Halloween Day with a smile by serving Pumpkin Pancakes! If you're feeling ambitious, you can even put a jack-o-lantern face on each pancake.

Halloween Dinner Recipes

Halloween Dessert Recipes

  • Easy Pumpkin Mousse is a simple and tasty Halloween dessert. You can use either canned or fresh pumpkin.

  • Magic Wizard Cake is fun to make! Kids love to see the cake magically appear through the "magic potion". (It's delicious, too!)

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