Easy Pasta Recipes

When I can't think of a thing to have for supper, I reach for my easy pasta recipes. Everyone in my family likes pasta (hooray!), and pasta is so quick and easy to make.


  • Here is a quick refresher course on How To Cook Pasta.

  • Pasta can be a very economical meal. Stock up on pasta when there is a good sale at the grocery store or buy it by the case at a whole foods market.

  • Don't eat just plain white flour pasta. It is pretty much devoid of any nutritional value. There are so many tasty and healthy alternatives now available! Some are finding their way into the supermarkets, and others can be found in natural food stores. Try some of these pasta varieties:

    • whole wheat
    • mixed whole grain
    • rice
    • kamut
    • spelt
    • quinoa

  • Experiment with different pasta shapes. Spaghetti is fine, but other pastas are fun to eat too. Try pouring your favorite sauce over any of these pastas:

    • rotini
    • penne
    • fettucini
    • linguine
    • spaghettini
    • macaroni
    • egg noodles

  • For the perfect meal, serve pasta with a loaf of Garlic Bread and a bowl of Caesar Salad.

    Here is how to make garlic bread and here is an easy and delicious Caesar Salad Recipe.

  • Make sure that your pasta pot is large enough! Remember: pasta doubles in size when it is cooked.

  • It’s a good idea to use a pasta strainer; otherwise, you’ll dump your pasta in the sink as you try to pour off the water without burning yourself.

  • When you are going to have pasta for dinner, put the water on to boil the moment you walk in the door after work. It will be almost ready by the time you've taken off your shoes, hung up your coat, and gathered your ingredients.

    Here are some of my favorite easy pasta recipes. I hope you enjoy them too!

    All of these quick easy pasta recipes can be made in the time that it takes the pasta to cook.

    Pasta with Meat Sauce

    You don't have to have meat in pasta sauce - but sometimes the addition of meat is just what you want. A pasta sauce with ham, bacon or ground beef is a substantial meal.

    • This easy Pasta Carbonara recipe is a favorite at my house. Onions, bacon, cheesy sauce….what's not to love?

    Cold Pasta Salad Recipes

    On a hot summer day when the last thing you want to do is to turn on the oven and heat up the kitchen, it's great to have a bowl of pasta salad in the fridge! Pasta salad can be a delicious light lunch or side dish. With the addition of some hearty ingredients, it can even be a complete meal for dinner.

    • This is the best Pasta Salad Recipe because you can modify it to fit your family's preferences and the ingredients you have on hand. Not only that, but it is fast and easy!

    Seafood Pasta Recipes

    Adding just a bit of salmon, shrimp, scallops or other seafood can take a pasta sauce from "good" to "sublime". Here are two easy recipes that will impress your family and your guests.

    Vegetable Pasta Recipes

    • Artichoke Pasta Recipes

      For some reason, marinated artichokes taste just incredible in a pasta sauce! Here are my two favorite artichoke pasta recipes.

    • Other Vegetable Pasta Recipes

      • Green Spaghettini is a painless way to get your children to eat spinach. (Really!)

      • For something completely different, try this creamy Pumpkin Pasta Sauce. Use canned pumpkin, or recycle your Hallowe'en jack-o-lantern into a delicious meal! You can also substitute any type of winter squash.

      • Rotini with Vegetables and Corn uses simple, fresh ingredients to make a colorful and nutritious dish.

    More Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

    The addition of beans or legumes adds fiber and texture to a pasta dish.

    • Pasta With Marinated Chickpeas And Corn is a bit out of the ordinary. The combination of melting cubes of cheese with sturdy chickpeas makes for a unique combination - and the taste is deliciously different too.

    Other Quick Easy Pasta Recipes

    Try thinking outside of the box and coming up with your own creative pasta sauce creations! Here are some ideas to get you started.

    • For a change of pace, try drizzling your favorite pasta with Orange Vinaigrette Sauce. Save any leftover sauce to put on tomorrow's salad!

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