The Magic Bullet blender - worth the money or not?

I first heard of the Magic Bullet blender several years ago from my cousin. She'd seen the infomercial, ordered one, and loved it.

She used it mainly for making smoothies and her special extra delicious salad dressing. I was curious, and decided to buy one. I saw a similar product in a local store, and since it was much cheaper than the real thing, I bought one. What a disappointment! It didn't seal properly, it didn't blend well, the plastic seal broke off and wound up in my food, and it was obviously so cheaply made that it would soon completely break.

I was disillusioned, but my cousin kept raving about her Magic Bullet blender, so I waited for a sale and bought the real thing. What a difference! This was much more solidly built. It worked well! We immediately began using it for smoothies.

It's great! We like it because each person can make her/his own smoothie, using favorite ingredients. We like the colored rims, so that each person can identify his/her cup. We like it because it is fun and easy to use.

After having the Magic Bullet for years, and using it only for smoothies, I finally branched out and began using it for other things. It makes great bread crumbs! It easily chops nuts and seeds. It makes small portions of dressings and sauces with ease. It works as well as it did when it was brand new.

Of course, it's not as robust as a full-sized blender. It doesn't blend great quantities at a time. I wouldn't use it for most of the blender recipes in my cookbooklet, "A Day of Blender Recipes." But it works well for the easy jobs.

Do you really need a Magic Bullet blender? No, of course not. Will it do everything that a full-sized blender does? No again. Don't get rid of your big blender and expect the Magic Bullet to replace it.

But if you have the cupboard space - or, even better, if you have room to keep it on your counter where it is handy when you need it - I bet you'll have fun with it, while serving your family healthy quick meals! Just be sure to buy the real thing, not a cheap knock-off.

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