Black Bean Recipes

My favorite beans are black beans, so of course I have collected lots of black bean recipes.

bean salad

For years I had the idea that actually cooking beans myself would be impossible. I thought that the process was mysterious, time-consuming, and difficult. Once again, I was wrong! Not only is it extremely easy to cook dried beans, but it is much more economical - less than half the price of buying canned. It is a more environmentally responsible choice, too, since the dried beans go straight into the bag the way they came off the field without any additional use of energy. Without the added weight of water and metal cans, dried beans use less fuel per serving to transport, and generate much less package waste.

I do, however, keep a couple of cans of black beans stashed in my cupboard for last minute emergencies!

Whichever you use - canned or dried - I think you will enjoy these delicious black bean recipes.

If you are using dried beans, the first step is soaking them. Then you are ready to cook them and add them to one of the delicious recipes below.

Appetizers and Side Dishes

Black beans are not only tasty and nutritious - they are attractive too! These dishes look nice on a buffet table.


Economical, healthy, filling and delicious - what more could you ask? These black bean entrés are great!

  • Balsamic Black Beans has been my favorite bean recipe for quite a while. Picture this: a bowl of crisp tortilla chips, topped with a scoop of deliciously flavored beans, crowned with a dollop of sour cream (or yogurt) and a spoonful of salsa. Mmmmm!

  • Bean and Corn Salmagundi is a very easy slow cooker meal. The recipe is in "Complete Crockpot Meals".

  • Bean and Tortilla Stacks are fun to make (get the kids to help) and fun to eat.

  • Black Bean Chili is a nice change from beef and tomato chili. The recipe is in "Complete Crockpot Meals".

  • The flavors of mango, lime, ginger, garlic and onion work very well together in Black Beans in Mango Sauce

  • Caribbean Black Beans are quick and flavorful. I can have these on the table in 20 minutes, once the beans are cooked.

  • Citrus Black Bean Salad is the perfect meal for a hot summer's day. The recipe is in "Last Minute Meals".

  • I love one-pot recipes! With Cuban Black Beans, the beans and rice cook in the same pot. Just add a salad or a side dish of corn and you have a complete meal.


No kidding! Black beans can be the basis of a decadent chocolately treat!

  • Black Bean Brownies contain no flour, so they are perfect for those on gluten-restricted diets.

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