Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe:
Yes, you can!

I used to think that "homemade mayonnaise" was a contradiction in terms. Mayonnaise is something that comes from the grocery store in a jar, right?

But since my husband is allergic to one of the ingredients in processed mayo, I decided to be a good wife and try my hand at making some.


Much to my surprise, mayonnaise is absolutely easy to make! Even if allergies aren't an issue in your family, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how economical it is to make your own mayo.

There are other benefits too.

  • You'll know exactly what is going into your mayo - just wholesome ingredients, with no additives or preservatives.

  • You can make just a small batch and eat it while it's fresh. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has kept a huge half-empty jar of mayo at the back of the fridge for months, only to finally throw it out. (By the way, purchased mayonnaise should be refrigerated after opening, and used within two months of opening the jar - regardless of the "best before" date.)

  • You can even customize your mayo by adding optional ingredients!

  • Pouring a few simple ingredients into your blender, pushing a button, and watching mayonnaise magically appear is fun!

    Check that you have these staples at home

    • in the cupboard

      • canola oil
      • salt

    • in the fridge or freezer

      • eggs
      • bottled lemon juice

    Get out your equipment

    • Essential

      • a blender
      • measuring cups and spoons

    • Nice to have but not necessary

      • a spatula for scraping the mayonnaise out of the blender jar

      The recipe

      2 raw eggs

      2 Tbsp/30 mL lemon juice

      1/4 tsp/1 mL salt

      1 cup/250 mL vegetable oil

      Put the eggs, lemon juice and salt into the blender container.
      Process on high speed for about a minute.
      Gradually add the oil, processing constantly until the mixture thickens.

      That's all there is to it!!

      Refrigerate the homemade mayonnaise and use it within a few days.


      • Use olive oil or another vegetable oil in place of the canola.

      • Use freshly squeezed lemon juice instead of bottled.

      • Use cider vinegar or another vinegar in place of the lemon juice.

      Ideas for making this recipe your own

      • Add some dried parsley or dill to the mayo. Or how about some paprika, or some garlic?


      • Halve this recipe if you need just a bit of mayonnaise. It's so easy to make that you can have a fresh batch whenever you need one!

      • Most mayonnaise recipes also include mustard, but that's what my husband is allergic to, so you won't read about it here! (OK, OK, if you insist, you can add 1 tsp/5 mL dry mustard with the other ingredients.)

      • You may be wondering about the safety of eating uncooked eggs. Here are my thoughts on that subject.

      Mayonnaise is an essential ingredients in many sauces and dishes, including these: