How To Peel Hardboiled Eggs

For years, I've wished that I knew how to peel hardboiled eggs easily.

If you've ever made hardboiled eggs, you probably know that sometimes they peel easily, and sometimes they don't. I used to think that it had to do with the freshness of the eggs - until we acquired chickens of our own. We now know that our eggs are perfectly fresh - they were laid this morning! - but still, sometimes they peel easily and sometimes they don't. It's a mystery.

Having the entire shell slip easily from the hardboiled egg in just one or two pieces is one of life's little pleasures.

Having to peel off teeny bits of shell, piece by piece - taking off chunks of egg at the same time - ranks near the top of my list of frustrating kitchen experiences.

Once, I was preparing for a potluck snack party. Once of the things I planned to serve was deviled eggs. I boiled up several dozen eggs. They turned out perfectly, with nice yellow yolks. (Here's how to boil a perfect hard-boiled egg.) Not long before my guests were due to arrive, I began peeling the eggs - or trying to! They would not peel! All I could do was use my fingernail to scrape off flakes of shell, completely mangling the eggs in the process. After I'd destroyed about 6 of the eggs, I realized that these would never make nice-looking deviled eggs. I conceded defeat, put the eggs back in the fridge, and got out crackers and cheese instead. My family was not happy that for the rest of the week we were eating vast quantities of egg salad!

But then a reader told me how to peel hardboiled eggs! His method really does work! Thank you so much, Charles!!

Here it is:

Boil the eggs as usual. In the last minute of cooking, use a butter knife to tap each egg repeatedly - gently, but hard enough to make little cracks all over the shell.

The boiling water works its way under the shell, loosening it.

When you are ready to peel the eggs, you'll discover that the shell slips off easily! I've tried this a number of times already, and it has worked beautifully every time!

Give it a try!

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