Simple Ground Beef Recipes:
Mexican Skillet Supper

This is one of my favorite simple ground beef recipes.

My mom used to make this when she was in a rush. Now it is a favorite with my own family.

simple ground beef recipes

There is so much to like about this recipe!

  • It is quick and easy to make.
  • It uses just one pan (not counting the rice cooker) so cleanup is easy.
  • It is delicious!

    Check that you have these staples at home

    • in the cupboard

      • canned diced tomatoes
      • chili powder
      • rice

    • in the fridge or freezer

      • ground beef (about a pound/500 g)
      • onion
      • Cheddar cheese

    Buy these fresh ingredients

    • lettuce

    Get out your equipment

    • Essential

      • a skillet
      • a wooden spoon or other sturdy spoon
      • a can opener
      • a grater
      • a cutting board and sharp knife
      • measuring cups and spoons

    • Nice to have but not necessary

      • a rice cooker (if not, cook the rice in a pot)

      The recipe

      1 lb/500 g ground beef

      1 cup/250 mL chopped onion

      1 can (14 oz/412 mL) diced tomatoes, not drained

      1 Tbsp/15 mL chili powder

      1 1/2 cups/375 mL cooked rice

      1 cup/250 mL shredded lettuce

      1 cup/250 mL shredded Cheddar cheese

      First of all, before gathering any other supplies, put the rice on to cook.

      Brown the beef and onion together in a skillet. Drain any fat.
      Add the tomatoes and chili powder.
      Cook over medium heat.

      The rice should be ready! Stir the cooked rice into the skillet.
      Reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer for about 5 minutes, until heated through, and any liquid is absorbed.

      Spoon into individual bowls.
      Top each bowl with lettuce and cheese.


      • Use whole canned tomatoes (making sure to break them up as you cook them), or use fresh chopped tomatoes.

      Ideas for making this recipe your own

      • To make this meal more spicy, add a bit of cayenne pepper.

      • Experiment with different cheeses instead of, or mixed with, the Cheddar.


      • My current favourite rice is Basmati - but you can use any variety of cooked rice in this recipe.

      • Plan to make this meal on a night when you have leftover cooked rice in the fridge.

      • Use the grater to shred the cheese, but not to shred the lettuce. (It will get all mushy.) Cut the lettuce into strips using a sharp knife.

      Menu suggestion

      Serve this dish with

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