Slow Cooker Baked Beans

I just love Slow Cooker Baked Beans. It's so nice to come home on a cold winter's day and know that this delicious comfort food is waiting!

slow cooker baked beans

When I was a child, Saturday was "Beanie Wienie" night. Mom would heat up a can of prepared baked beans, add a dollop of mustard, and cut some hot dogs into the pan. I loved it!

This recipe takes me right back to my childhood! This recipe is even tastier than using canned beans - and of course it is more economical and healthier, too.

You'll need to plan ahead to make this recipe. The beans go into the slow cooker the night before you want to eat this.

When you drain the beans the next day, be sure to save 2 cups/500 mL of the cooking liquid.

Check that you have these staples at home

  • in the cupboard

    • dried navy beans
    • tomato paste
    • molasses
    • maple syrup

  • in the fridge or freezer

    • onions
    • salt pork

Get out your equipment

  • Essential

    • a slow cooker
    • a can opener
    • a cutting board and sharp knife
    • measuring cups and spoons
    • a sieve or strainer

    The Slow Cooker Baked Beans recipe

    2 cups/500 mL dried small navy beans

    8 cups/2 litres water

    1 onion, finely chopped

    1 cube (about 2 inches/4 cm) salt pork

    1 can (5.5 oz/156 mL) tomato paste

    1/4 cup/60 mL molasses

    1/4 cup/60 mL maple syrup

    Put the beans, water, onion and pork into the crockpot.
    Cook overnight, on LOW.

    The next day, at about noon, drain the beans and save 2 cups/500 mL of the cooking liquid.

    Return the beans to the crock pot.

    Add the tomato paste, molasses, maple syrup, and 2 cups cooking liquid.


    Cook for 4 hours more, on LOW.


    • Use brown sugar in place of the maple syrup. Please don't use "pancake syrup" or "table syrup". They are not the same thing at all!

    • Use ketchup instead of tomato paste. You might want to reduce the amount of sweetener you use, since most ketchups contain quite a bit of sugar.

    Ideas for making this recipe your own

    • Experiment with using different types of dried beans. I think that pinto beans would work well! Cooking time might be different, so give yourself some extra time the first time you try another type of beans.

    • Make your own "Beanie Wienies'! Add slices of hot dog, chicken dog, tofu dog, smokie or sausage to the slow cooker when you add the tomato paste and other ingredients.


    • For a vegetarian option (or if you just don't happen to have any salt pork), you can leave out the salt pork cube without any significant change in flavor.

    • Molasses is messy and sticky! I keep my molasses container on a plate in the cupboard. No matter how careful I am, there are always sticky drips running down the side of the container.

    Menu suggestion

    Serve this dish with