Quick Dinner Meals:
Pineapple Chicken

This is one of my favorite quick dinner meals, because it's so easy!

pineapple chicken

Just put the chicken in a pan, top with a few simple ingredients, and pop it in the oven!

Check that you have these staples at home

  • in the cupboard

    • 1 can (14 oz/398 mL) pineapple chunks
    • dried rosemary
    • paprika
    • salt
    • pepper
    • ground ginger

  • in the fridge or freezer

    • skinless chicken pieces (about 2 lbs/1 kg)

Get out your equipment

  • Essential

    • baking dish
    • small bowl

    The recipe

    Preheat the oven to 375F/190C.

    2 lbs/1 kg skinless chicken pieces

    1 can (14 oz/398 mL) unsweetened pineapple chunks, undrained

    1 tsp/5 mL dried rosemary

    1/2 tsp/2 mL paprika

    1/2 tsp/2 mL salt

    1/4 tsp/1 mL pepper

    1/4 tsp/1 mL ground ginger

    Place the chicken in a baking dish.
    Drain the can of pineapple.
    Pour the pineapple chunks over the chicken.
    In a small bowl, combine the rosemary, paprika, salt, pepper and ginger. Sprinkle this over the chicken.
    Bake, covered, for one hour or until the chicken is no longer pink inside.


    • Buy chicken with the skin on (it's cheaper that way) and remove the skin yourself.

    • Use fresh pineapple. You'll need about a cup and a half (375 mL).

    • Use 1 Tbsp/15 mL fresh rosemary instead of dried.

    • Use fresh minced ginger instead of ground.

    Ideas for making this recipe your own

    • Experiment with different fruits. Try canned mandarin orange segments, or chunks of fresh mango!


    • Save the pineapple juice to use in a Smoothie - or just drink it!

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