Sweet Potato Recipes

I have so many tasty sweet potato recipes that I decided to give them a page of their own!

Like their cousin the potato, sweet potatoes are an extremely healthy choice. Some nutritionists call sweet potatoes a superfood, and say that it is the very healthiest of all vegetables - even healthier than spinach and broccoli! That's good news for all of us who have picky eaters in the family - because there are so many delicious ways to serve sweet potatoes!

Sweet potatoes are an ideal first food for babies. When your baby is ready for solid foods (at about six months of age) just mash up a bit of sweet potato and offer it to your baby on a spoon.

Cooked sweet potatoes are even tasty cold! Try taking a cold baked sweet potato in your lunch.

Sweet potatoes are

  • high in fiber
  • low in fat and calories
  • packed with essential vitamins, including Vitamins A, B-6, B-1, niacin and riboflavin
  • full of minerals, including calcium, iron and potassium

Choosing sweet potatoes

Look for small or medium-sized sweet potatoes with nice smooth skin. They should be firm, without bruises or cracks.

Storing sweet potatoes

Brush off any sand or soil.

Keep the sweet potatoes in a cool (not cold), dark place with good ventilation, like a garage, cellar, or unheated room or closet.

Use them within two weeks.

Cooking sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are easy to cook! Besides using them in sweet potato recipes, you can use these quick ideas:

  • Steam cubes of sweet potatoes and serve them with an oil dressing.

  • Steam cubes of sweet potatoes, then purée them. Add a splash of maple syrup.

  • Bake sweet potatoes in the oven.

Work quickly when cooking sweet potatoes; they discolor very quickly as soon as they are peeled. Put them in a pot and cover them with cool water if you can't cook them immediately.

Types of sweet potatoes

  • yellow
    • long and narrow, with pointed ends
    • thin-skinned
    • has a dry, crumbly texture when cooked, similar to that of a cooked baking potato

  • orange
    • long and narrow, with pointed ends
    • thick-skinned
    • sweet tasting
    • moister texture than the yellow variety

But I thought the orange ones were yams!

I did too! We were wrong!

True yams are completely different and are not even distantly related to sweet potatoes.


  • can grow to be seven feet long
  • have brown or black skin that looks like tree bark
  • have purple, red, or whitish flesh
  • grow in tropical climates

Here are my favorite sweet potato recipes. All of them can be made with either yellow or orange sweet potatoes. If I recommend one over the other, I'll note that in the recipe.

  • My whole family loves to eat Sweet Potato Fries. These bake in the oven, for a healthy alternative to French fries.

  • How about a delicious Pork Tenderloin on a bed of sweet potatoes and apples? This is a wonderful supper for a cold fall day.

  • Mashed Sweet Potatoes With Honey and Lime are delicious! They are very easy to make: just bake the sweet potatoes, scoop out the innards, and mash them with a few ingredients.

  • Looking for a special vegetable side dish to serve with a holiday dinner? Try Candied Sweet Potatoes.

  • Sweet Potato Pie is a decadently sweet dessert - and a great way to get the goodness of sweet potatoes into your family!

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